Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yard Sale Event

Did you ever want a reason to come to wonderful sunny Dayton, Ohio? Well now you can have one! We have been planning a neighborhood yard sale event for a few months now and it is just three weeks away.
We have never tried anything this bold before. The neighborhood boundries are quite extensive if you were to try a walking tour. Our original plan was to encourage a few people in a portion of the neighborhood to have yard sales but not exclude the other sectors. The concept we came up with was simple.Anyone can have a yard sale but if you want to benefit from the Association's promotion of the event and be listed on the "Official" map that we print and distribute then it will cost you $5.00. The money being used to offset the cost of printing and advertising.
We are still putting things together and there are still a few weeks left for people to decide whether or not to participate but I think we are doing quite well. Take a look for yourself. I update this map every few days as more people commit to the event so you need to check back if you want to make the trip or plan on coming! There are more than 40 locations as of today!

I won't be able to do any shopping though, I will be at the information booth.......

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