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Monday, October 02, 2006

I've Been a Busy Boy!

It is amazing what you can do when you don't have a computer to slow you down! I have painted the laundry room with primer and made a base for the sink that we bought at IKEA out of some of the antique wood that I have lying around. Here is a picture of the thing. Three guesses as to what it is finished with! I even used old nails to make it with because I don't have enough modern nails lying around!

I finished a long 2 X 6 board with the same stuff and still have to mount it on the wall behind where the washer and dryer will go. I have cut a channel in the back of it to run my electrical cables because the wall is made of brick.

Yes, the level IS holding the beam up as it hasn't been attached to the wall yet! So now you have seen the laundry room! It still needs the floor done and the walls painted.

Next I went into the dark hole that we call a basement. First through the door

Then down the stairs

To the abyss.

Which looks like this now!

I removed the stairs and have laid in a joist so that I can put in a floor for a small powder room on the first floor. I have to lay in another joist so the floor doesn't bounce but will do that after I have installed the plumbing. It is easier to hang a joist around the new plumbing than to cut the joist to put new plumbing in. The current space between the joists is 26 inches and the toilet will be in the center where the average Joe would put a joist. Since my plumbing skills are above average but give below average results and my wood working skills are below average but give above average results, I need to follow the lesser path of evil which dictates that plumbing will require more attention and time and should be installed first! The new joist can be installed alongside the DWV for the toilet on the side that would be the best to install it after the floor is in place.
This is my next major project before the winter. Getting the powder room ready for painting..

I also attempted to line a chimney with clay tiles but failed early in the attempt so that I don't have to waste any time or money on that and will resort to stainless steel chimney liners. I even got the one stainless steel liner I had ready for another chimney only to find that it will be too wide to pull up the chimney with the insulation blanket. Now I have to haul the thing up to the third floor again and with all the wrapping it weighs about 40 lbs more than it did when I brought it down the stairs. So here is where it sits until help arrives!

Chimney lining will be delayed another six months now because I may as well line all the ones that I need to line at the same time and I don't have all the lining kits or the wads of cash needed to acquire them at this particular moment. I also need a permit for this project and to install the water heater and furnaces that we don't have yet so the delay may be cost effective at this time. Besides, we all know that my plumbing will burst somewhere this winter and installing the water heater (which we do have) will just increase the number of places where this could happen!


At 10/02/2006 5:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am exhausted just reading it all! But you are right - if we want to get anything done, we have to pack up our computer and store it away in the attic;-)

At 10/02/2006 9:30 AM, Blogger jm@houseinprogress said...

Oh wow! The sink looks so pretty on your cabinet that you built!


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