Monday, December 04, 2006

Getting on my knees and squealing like a pig!

I've been stripping slop off this floor for DAYS!

See that area marked by a black line? 8 hours it took to get it stripped to a sandable surface.

8 hours bent over on my knees alternating between the silent paint remover and heat gun. Heating the floor to remove the remaining linoleum, mastic, tar paper, shellac and paint. That coupled with 8 hours of Blue Grass music on NPR (National Public Radio) makes me want to take a canoe trip in West Virginia and learn to play the banjo!



Anonymous said...

the npr alone would kill me.
can you get the BBC? they read nice books and do good journalism and all kinds of good music. they have funny accents too.
meanwhile, i think i like floor stripping pix and sagas best of all.
good luck.

Chris said...

I should be telling you how sorry I am that you spent so long scraping to dueling banjos, but what I really wanna know is, how'd that Silent Paint Remover work out for ya? I get all yearnful when I see those things, but I may finally manage to kill myself if I try make one.

lemondrop2 said...

In case anyone finds this, the original silent paint remover from Sweden is awesome. Especially for removing the glass from sash windows in one piece. Also, instead of that form of removal on the floor, rent a drum Sanders. Use 16-grit and walk it about as fast as you can walk it. The idea is to never let it heat up. Sort of chips it off but doesn't eat up the wood. Next go to 40-grit, then 60, 80 100 then last 150. I did this on old-growth Doug fir that had indoor-outdoor carpet very solidly glued to it. I used 2 coats of cut BLO, then 4 of Amber shellac, then 3 of sc Johnson paste wax.