Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Obligatory Christmas Post

Since Elizabeth was acting up all week I put in my last minute order to Santa for a sack FULL of coal. I figured that if I get my chimneys lined I could use it to heat the house. Anyway, it turns out that my order went in too late or Santa has lost his contract with the anthracite supplier this year and he left her presents anyway. I noticed that the only thing in my stocking this year was a piece of chocolate that I put there myself (how pitiful is that?). Funny though, he left me a whole big pile of reindeer poo on the Crack House balcony. I could bury it in the basement and hope that in about 20 million years it turns into coal.....

As for the house, I was going to post some tips on stripping paint without losing your mind but Blogger won't let me upload pictures that I took on Sunday. So, you will all have to wait patiently for that post which is good practice for when you actually strip your own wood. In the meantime you can exalt in the fact that the days are getting longer once again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary. What is it about Blogger and pictures? I have only been with them two weeks and already haven't been able to post pics three times! I go back and forth between IE and Firefox and sometimes one will and the other won't.

Now they can't find my user account!
Marilyn at HauserHaus

Jocelyn said...

Switch to firefox! I did and now have zero problems with blogger.