Monday, October 31, 2005

The Chandelier in All its Glory!

I spent an hour putting all the crystals on the chandelier on Friday night and putting the right wattage bulbs in. Only fitting that I should show you how it looks. One day soon I will make glass bead "shades" that rest over the bulb stem and hang down over the bulbs around the outside of the shade.


Anonymous said...

Stunning! That medallion is also just so special.
Looking good!

Aunt Jo said...


I wish my house sported a chandelier.

Anonymous said...

That looks great!
One hint, with my chandelier...when I bought the house it was dusty and covered with nicotine sludge. I pulled the crystals off and put them in the silverware bin in the dishwasher and ran then a few times.
I'll never clean my crystals any other way!