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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"To pee or Not to pee"

I was delivering something to one of my neighbors this week and noticed that their porch was littered with moth balls. The smell was quite obvious and smacks you in the face when you step on the porch. There were moth balls to the left of me, moth balls to the right of me and moth balls in front of me as into the shade of the porch I stepped (lines lifted from Tennyson's "Charge of the Light Brigade" in case they sound familiar.)

Turns out that they are supposed to keep the stray cats from pee-ing on their porch. I don't know which smell is worse......


At 10/12/2005 9:50 AM, Blogger J O H N N Y said...

Hi there,

I think I prefer the smell of mothballs to cat pee cos in winter you inevitably need to use mothballs to keep the humidity level low in your closet to prevent mould growth on the clothes. :)

At 10/12/2005 1:51 PM, Blogger Ms. P in Jackson said...

Wow. I thought you used mothballs to keep the moths away from your woolens and silks. I didn't know they had anything to do with humidity.

My aunt has used mothballs to deter cats for as long as I can remember. I too prefer mothball smell over cat spray. Peeeeeyeeeeeewwwwwww.

At 10/12/2005 3:28 PM, Blogger K said...

One of our neighbors uses copious amounts of mothballs in their attic to keep the bats away. Apparently it works, but it also keeps human visitors away.


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