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This Old Crack House

From log house to farmhouse. Farmhouse to townhouse. Townhouse to apartment house. Apartment house to crack house. Crack house to our house. Our house to our home.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ebay Scoop of the Decade!

There was a book published in 1875 called the "Everts Atlas of Montgomery County. Around page 139 was a two page spread and a biography about the guy who built our house as well as an engraving of our place before it was Victorianised around 1890. I have a picture of the image HERE and a transcript of the biography in case anyone is interested. Of course it doesn't tell you about him being 39 years old when he married a 15 year old and her leaving him almost 20 years later and marrying a guy 15 years her junior, but that is another story.

Anyway, I know that I have mentioned how I search Ebay every so often for stuff I like from Dayton. Well, a couple of weeks ago I was the only bidder on this

The two pages about our man Sam! I would still love to find a copy of the book but this way I won't have to rip the pages out because someone already did it for me! You know this baby is gonna get framed and hung on a wall somewhere. It's pretty big so I know just the crack it will hide!


At 5/18/2007 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's an awesome find. I'd be thrilled if I found something that showed my house when it was young.

At 5/18/2007 8:42 AM, Blogger John said...

Awesome find! I'll admit it, I'm jealous. Would you believe not much of anyone writes about Russellville, Arkansas?

At 5/18/2007 4:10 PM, Blogger kevin said...



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