Wednesday, May 30, 2007

To Boldly Go....

Now that my rewiring is done I have to do all the projects that could wreak havoc on my floor after they are sanded. One such project is cutting an access hole into the ceiling of the extreme "cottage" bedroom so that I can insulate the attic and also run a cable to hard wire a smoke detector. This project involves removing a section of plaster, cutting and removing a few lath strips and about 3 inches of rock wool. The last time I checked it out, gravity was still working. Since this hole has to be made in the ceiling and the best place to be standing in order to make this hole is beneath it, you can guess where the plaster would be falling. Then when I wipe my face it will end up on the floor.
Here is the "Gary" sized hole that I made. Of course I just had to go up there.

Here is the mess I made making this hole. If you ever wondered what a decomposing sheep looks like, this is pretty close. (Hey look, that bathtub is STILL there!)

For all you people doing Google searches for "What does rock wool look like?" this should answer your question.
Oh this was me looking in the mirror after making the hole. The big "idiot" sign on my fore head is covered up by the "Dayton Dragons" hat. Good job I wore that mask, cough, cough!

So I ventured into the black hole in the ceiling to find new life forms and uncovered these

I wondered why the room below had a distinct odor of its very own. Based on the plastic bags used for nesting and the fact that these were above the rock wool, I would estimate their time of death as after 1954.... I suspect the little buggers that get into my third floor are descended from these guys.


Northland Stories said...

I feel your pain. I've been working on my living room ceiling. No dead rodents, though. But lots of dust. Why is it that you have to make a mess to clean a mess, anyway?

kendra said...

Gravity shmavity. You were probably just testing out the new alternative theory of 'Intelligent Falling'. ;)

kevin said...

Rats or squirrels? Those look more intact than the rats I found in my kitchen ceiling during demo. Fortunately, my wife was demoing in the other room when they dropped.