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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Holy Guano Batman!

My 50 lbs. of Pigeon Poop on the balcony has nothing on this!

I read an Associated Press article today. Since I can't reproduce it without risking loosing my house I'll give you the story in my own words.

A couple from upstate New York bought a house last summer that had a few bats in the attic. They delayed getting them removed due to the fact that baby bats can't fly and the time wasn't right to have them removed. By January the smell was permeating their nostrils so they checked out the attic where they found loads of dead bats and 3,500 Lbs. of Bat Guano! Turns out that the attic was housing hundreds of bats. It cost them $25,000 to have it removed. That's $7.15 a pound! I never thought bat guano could cost more than prime rib!


At 5/04/2007 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit. Literally.

I had to Google it to see where they lived since we live in Upstate also. Found the artihtcle on CNN:


Ballston Spa is out near the Saratoga Raceway, and there are some absolutely gorgeous places out here. And lots of rich folks - so hopefully they had the $25,000 to spare! I am sure no one wants to spend that kind of cash on feces removal though....

At 5/04/2007 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought guano was a much sought after fertilizer. They coulda shoveled it out of them thar winders and sold it at the local farmers market!

At 5/06/2007 8:26 PM, Blogger Poppy said...


At 5/10/2007 2:57 PM, Blogger Jean Martha said...

Krap. OMG. I have a house in upstate, New York and I have had bat problems since day one. This scared the guano out of me. It's so hard to find someone to come and "deal with it". Yeah. I'm a wimp, I want to pay someone to take care of this for me. Anyway, love your blog!!!


At 5/20/2007 1:45 PM, Blogger StuccoHouse said...

This gave me bad dreams for a couple of weeks.....and was the motivating factor in a few of my upcoming projects.


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