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Saturday, April 29, 2006

What is a Committee?

This has been a week of committee meetings. First there was the Wayne\Wilmington\Stewart St open house on Wednesday, which wasn't a committee, but a public meeting. Then there was the "Sub committee of the Neighborhood Stratagies Task Force Committee" on Thursday afternoon that I am a part of. The topic was how to force lienholders to assume responsibility after buying a property back at sheriff sale as a result of a forclosure. Interesting meeting because it included a banker, a pair of real estate investors, a resident from the Downtown Priority Board, two members of the City Legal department, the head of Housing inspection, the County Clerk of Courts, two members from the sheriff's department and little old me.I can't say that we achieved a whole lot but did learn a few things about how the law works..
Tonight we had our neighborhood fund raising committee meeting and have set a date for a neighborhood yard sale.
Lets see, next week is Neighborhood Stratagies Task Force Committee which is about 80% city employees who won't say what is really on their minds for fear of offending someone and then a Priority Board meeting on Thursday. So, not alot getting done on the house I'm afraid. If you have ever been on a committee then you may find this amusing. My step father told me this one.

Definition of a committee;
A group of people who, as individuals can not make a decision and who, as a group, discuss reasons why they shouldn't......


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