Tuesday, June 27, 2006

FREE - For the taking!

That's right, absolutely FREE to anyone with the gumption to help me haul this monster to the first floor and out the door! You haul away, of course though local delivery could be arranged if the "Beast" is up to the trip! You would have to help get it on the "Beast" though. Despite appearances I AM NOT Superman (though I wore underoos that indicated that I was once!)

It is a cast iron shower pan with a seat and a drop front on one side. Here is what is stamped on the bottom.

It appears from the bottom stamp that it was made in 1954. I suspect it was installed around that time too! There were two of these that came with the house. The first floor one went out the door and some scrapper hauled it away. This one is on the second floor and is a little more difficult to remove. It weighs more than a claw foot tub. We have a claw foot tub and I was able to maneuver it around the same room this one is in. I can only drag this thing across the floor. It is truely the heaviest bath tub I have ever come across.

The thing is some 38" X 39" and around a foot deep. It was made in U.S.A. (a rarety these days) by good old union workers no less (probably long since dead and buried). Wow, a good solid piece of American craftsmanship that is over 50 years old and in great condition. Perfect for those tight spaces and absolutely FREE! Even comes with this warranty - If it isn't going, going, gone in two weeks it will go, go, went via a sledge hammer in pieces on the back of some scrappers truck! Go on, take a chance, you know you want it!


Ms. P in Jackson said...

Instant koi pond!!!!!

It is really neat because it is such a one of a kind item.

Too bad you're not in Texas. I'd have my aunt take a look to see if it's something she can use.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for one of those for my basement for years now.. Now if you can just arrange for shipment to Detroit....

Hmmmm Free Tub $2000 shipping.. Dang it Somehow it does not add up......

Moi ;) said...

Freecycle is a great thing.....Yahoo has these groups where you can get rid of stuff (or get stuff) free!

We have a 200 yo house.... I stumbled on your blog - this is great!

Anonymous said...

If I could afford the gas from Indiana to Ohio, I'd pick it up. I'm expanding the bathroom to add a shower stall, and that would be perfect.

*shakes fist at OPEC*