Monday, June 12, 2006

The Neighborhood Project

This is now 99.8% complete! After 3 weeks of non-activity I mustered up a few volunteers this Sunday to make the final push! There is a 4 foot section of lime green soffit to paint and the frame around the sign needs to be done. About 2 hours or less of work on a tall ladder. We are also having some period movie posters reproduced to slap over some of the gray areas. I'm sure his will be finished in the next two weeks! I'm sure that I will be the one on the ladder!

The total cost of materials was $260.00. Most of which was paint. I donated a bag of concrete, a bag of lime and half a bag of sand to the project but that adds only about $12.00 to the material cost. A local Home Depot was supposed to donate a $50.00 gift card but after 2 months of waiting for it we decided to proceed from our own account. I'm betting that we will still be waiting for it in July! In case you can't remember why we did this, here is a picture of how the building has looked since 1983.

Someone recently made a comment to me. He said that we don't have a right to live in a safe nice neighborhood, we have a responsibility. Therefore, don't go crying to the City everytime you want something fixed. The City would not have fixed this problem as good as we did. Let's face it, their employees are not creative enough, yet.

"The times, they are a changing....."


Jodi said...

That looks 3000 times better than it did.

Kudos to you for taking this project on and for making an improvement in your city!

K said...

Yay! It looks so much more appetizing now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Gary, its looking good! Hope all is well.

John said...

Wow. That looks great.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. The work you and your neighbors did on the building looks great. If I lived in Dayton, I would have gladly come to help. Thanks for taking responsibility when so many people look the other way.

Nancy, AL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the initiative. The place looks great.

Shawna on Illinois Avenue