Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Gift That Keeps on Giving....

Crappity crap, crap, crap. This isn't a post about plumbing skills or my lack of them. No, this post is about the next bout of "Houseblogger Herpes" that is about to go around. I inoculated myself back in January but I guess the effect have worn off already. You see, I got tagged with an 8 Random Facts virus that requires me to list 8 random facts about me and then spread the love amongst other bloggers. I didn't even see this one coming, it was completely out of the blue and smacked me on the lips like a hooker with a cold sore!
The source of the infection is Tallulah House. (Blame them!) Now I guess I have to go and read her blog so that I can plot my revenge. Maybe we will invite ourselves down to Atlanta and they can buy the beer.

Anyway, things you never knew about me and now you will wish you didn't;

1) At age sixteen I pierced my ear with a safety pin. My brother grassed me out to my mom who made me remove it until I became a famous rock star and nobody would care about my pierced ear. I was 33 when a girlfriend pierced my ear with a needle and now I have a nickel allergy that means I can only wear gold or sterling silver or I get a rash where the metal rubs. After losing every earring I ever had I have worn this one for the last 5 years exclusively. It is a sabre. It is the only one that hasn't fallen out.

It is for the swashbuckler in me.

2) When I moved to Ohio in 1994 I cropped my hair. I didn't cut it again for 11 years by which time it was half way down my back. I used to have a moustache and goatee too but one day I was forking horse manure into my garden and wiped my mouth with a crap covered glove and decided it was time to shave.

3) Despite popular opinion, I don't go out of my way to seek publicity. It tends to find me. I guess I do things that other people find news worthy.

4) I used to ride around on this 1964 Lambretta that I restored in the 1980s until some little bastards stole it.

I never got the vehicle back but I tracked one of the little bastards down, sued him and his dad in small claims court and got to be on the Judge Mathis show as a result. I won. The little bastard is 22 now, a father and has a warrant out for his arrest. I often wonder where my scooter is.

5) I have worn antique wire rim glasses for 13 years. I do this for several reasons. One is they wrap around behind my ears so I don't have to keep pushing them up onto my nose because they fall down it like regular glasses do. They don't come off easily either. Two, I have always worn little round gold rimmed glasses since I was in college back in the late 70s and early 80s. Three, they are OK to wear in 17th century re-enactments. Four, the frames can be bought for less than $20.00. Designer frames of similar style would cost a ridiculous amount of money that I could find better things to spend it on. I'm thinking that I might get a pair of those big round black bakelite frames that were popular in the 1920s to wear for laughs and giggles. I will have to keep an eye out at the antique stores.

6) I worked for an auction company for 1.5 years during my "Mid-life crisis" when I was 32. (It was good to get it over with early.) I learned that what you would think was valuable really wasn't and what people paid for some stuff was crazy. Since then I rarely buy anything new unless it is socks , underwear or shoes. All of our furniture is old and most was bought at auctions. I reason that if we had to sell it we would get back what we paid for it. Which isn't a bad way to look at it.

7) I don't like sports, never have really. I do weight lifting though. 12 ounce bottles are my favorite!

8) If we never bought the "Old Crack House" I suspect that our resident house would have been finished about 5 years ago. Of course five years ago I didn't know what I know now so I'm sure I would have had to do the plumbing twice!

If you want to get tagged, post a comment otherwise I will crawl away back into my hole and wait until this strain of the dreaded pox goes away!


Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear you have nickel allergy. It is very common and becoming more prevalent due to more body piercing. This site might help you

Kimberley said...

Muwahahahahaa! Gary, it is I, Kimberley of Tallulah House :)

Thanks for being a good sport and playing along. I for one enjoyed those 8 random facts.

Do come to Atlanta for beer! We'll take you to the Brickstore and you will not be disappointed!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading more about the people behind the sites I stalk. My sis pierced my ear with a hot needle and a potato when I was around 10, and when my hippie mom found out she punished me severely for "allowing someone to do that to my body" I thought it was totally unfair. Now that I have three children I realize she was right on!

Anonymous said...

That's the cutest bike I have ever seen. I would be seriously depressed if someone stole something that cool and hard to replace.

Love the sword earring, I noticed that when we all met up in Massachusetts. I wear little skull and crossbones earrings most of the time. They keep me from feeling too grown-up when I'm wearing boring officey clothes every day.

Iowa Greyhound said...

Nice Lambretta! Scooters made my eight too.