Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Light in the Darkness!

Remember these lights we got last year? They were earmarked for the bathroom. Not any more! I removed the Rejuvenation Fixtures that you can see in this link which are now going to be installed in the bathroom and installed these, with one slight modification. I switched the shades for the pair we paid $30 for in Tucson. Here is the end result.

I got a little bored during the clean up last week. Now that we have hot water, we can really clean up this place! Maybe I'll even put the wallpaper up in this room.

I'm working on those chimney lining posts that I promised in case you are waiting in suspense.....


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful room!

Anonymous said...

Gary - the lights look GREAT. I will send the pic to Dad. He will be thrilled to see that they had been incorporated into your home. Our floors are (finally) installed. Not sanded yet but this fall. Take care Emily Weaver